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FENMAK Building Solutions was founded in Uganda in 2015 to serve Uganda’s privatized government and individual sectors. Today, the company provides feasibility studies, site evaluation reports, construction services and site supervision for governmental institutions, Individual/ Apartment residential home developers, NGO schools, hospitals and the business community for office blocks and shopping malls.



To become a total construction company as we aspire to become a leading contracting firm by our quality work, professionalism, manpower, timely execution, latest technology and strong customer focus, keeping trust and competence top on the list.


  • Work Hard and Work
  • Smart Quality and Professionalism
  • Timely Project Execution
  • Strong Customer Focus
  • Trust and Competence

Our Team of Professionals

We are a team of young, creative and innovative minds that will work endlessly to deliver the best work. They are good at what they do and they work as a family to make sure the client's dreams come to life.

Asaph Nuwagira


Melisa Olive Nuwagira

Finance Admin

Atwijukire Nelson

Site Construction Engineer

Ivan Albert Aganyira.

Site Engineer

Bayiga Elizabeth.

Water engineer

Natukunda Mercy.

Structural Engineering

Kukundakwe Marion.

Projects Accountant


Kecha Joshua

In-House Architect

Nuwamanya Daniel

Site Foreman

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Aims at providing full-service solutions across the broadly based construction value chain. Service delivery is based on a sharp understanding of customer needs and requirements with the objectives of standing by the projects until customers are satisfied.

 We are committed to the highest degree of conceptual and innovative design standards. All projects are developed individually to suit the brief. We have the skills and experience to carry out any aspect of construction projects including concept development, manufacturing and construction. This integrated business model enables the company to provide distinctive value to its customers and positions it strongly for sustained growth going forward.

Having worked in the demanding and competitive Uganda Design and Engineering sector, FENMAK BS has developed the quality associated with international consultancies and construction companies. From our mother company, we have adopted ISO 9001 Quality Assurance procedures which ensure our work meets the highest standards demanded in engineering.
At FENMAK BS, we believe that we have a competitive edge over many other companies in terms of price and quality, cost-cutting and project advisory budget approach mechanisms, this gives the company an added advantage in this industry. As we are locally registered and based permanently in Uganda, we can compete with international consultants and contractors on rates. Our background also enables us to compete with other companies on quality by ensuring our standards are consistent through our Quality Assurance procedures.
FENMAK BS collaborates closely with Architects, Structural and Landscaping designers enabling it to offer these services within its project management capabilities. This means FENMAK BS can offer turnkey services - managing Civil and structural projects from locating the plot, feasibility study and site visit to actual Construction and supervising the project. That implies that we offer a design and building option to our clients which reduces costs, speeds-up the work while enabling higher standards to be achieved.